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ICMR-CNMC STS Excellence Award
  • On behalf of Dr. Rajiv Bahl, Secretary, Department of Health Research (DHR) and Director General, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) online applications are now invited from interested MBBS/BDS students (1st year to 4th year (before appearing in 4th year final exams) to participate in the Short Term Studentship-2023 (STS-2023).

  • The ICMR initiated the STS Program in 1979 in order to promote interest and aptitude for research among medical undergraduates. The main objective of this program is to provide an opportunity to undergraduate medical students to familiarize themselves with research methodology and techniques by being associated for a short duration with their seniors on ongoing research program or by undertaking independent projects. It was expected that this may serve as an incentive for them to take up research as a career in the future.

  • During the last 37 years, medical/dental undergraduate students of various NMC/DCI recognized medical/dental colleges in the country have shown keen interest in ICMR-STS Program. The ICMR has decided to continue this program by awarding limited number of studentships to deserving MBBS/BDS students for the year 2023.

  • Approximately 1500 students (1200 seats- MBBS and 300 seats- BDS) will be awarded STS after the report submission and review for the year 2023.

  • Online registration starts: 20th December, 2022 (10:00am) till 16th January, 2023 (by 11:59pm) and Online application submission starts: 20th December, 2022 (9:00am) till 27th January, 2023 (by 11:59pm).

  • The proposals will be then evaluated by the ICMR. The results will be announced by end of March, 2023 or first week of April, 2023 and list of selected students to undertake STS research work will be displayed on the STS website.

  • The selected students are expected to complete the project in any two given months between April to September 2023 and submit the report before the last date of submission i.e. 31st October, 2023 (Tuesday by 11:59pm).

  • The student will be awarded stipend and e-certificate only if his/her STS report is approved by ICMR.

  • The value of the studentship from the year 2022 onwards has been increased to Rs. 25,000/- per month for two months duration (Total Rs. 50,000/- only) and is meant to be a stipend for the student only after final selection of his/her STS report.

  • The e-certificates from the year 2023 onwards, will be now awarded in three categories based on the merit obtained on the research report as given below:
    1. STS Excellence certificate for highest distinction (Grade A- Outstanding).
    2. STS Excellence certificate for high distinction (Grade B- Excellent)
    3. STS completion certificate (Grade C&D Satisfactory)


    The Institution must provide the student with all facilities for carrying out research. Cost of research must be borne by Medical/Dental College/ Institution where the work will be carried out.

  • For any queries please contact preferably through email :

    Dr. Ginu S. Khan
    Scientist 'C'
    Division of HRD
    Indian Council of Medical Research
    V. Ramalingaswami Bhawan
    Ansari Nagar,
    New Delhi – 110 029
    Contact No. : Direct No. 011-26589438 and 011-26588980, 26588895, 26588707 or 26589335 Extn. 369 Calling hrs- 9:00-17:30 hrs from Monday to Friday


    Email : stshrd2017@gmail.com

    For technical support: related to online submission you may call on 011-26588980, 26588895, 26588707 or 26589335 Extn. 306 Calling hrs- 9:00-17:30 hrs from Monday to Friday and speak to our IT team Sh. Vikas Kataria.

    For Administrative support: please call to Mrs. Harjeet Kaur Bajaj Sr. P. S 011-26588980, 2658889, 26588707 or 26589335 Extn. 259.

    For Scientific Queries: please call on 011-26588980, 26588895, 26588707 or 26589335 Extn. 369 Dr. Ginu S. Khan, Scientist-C, STS-HRD, Calling hrs- 9:00-17:30 hrs from Monday to Friday

    IMPORTANT: Any registration, application and proposal submission or any such requests will not be entertained by ICMR under any circumstances after the last date/time is over. Therefore, please register and submit accordingly before the deadline to avoid any last minute delays.

STS-2020 e-certificate        Download Here