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  1. The STS-2019 reports submitted online will be technically evaluated by a panel of experts. If the work is found to be satisfactory, it will be accepted.

  2. For any changes in the aims, objectives or methodology, the reasons/ justification provided by the student will be reviewed. Only minor changes are permitted and the report may or may not be approved, if there are major modifications.

  3. The results will be displayed on ICMR website by March 2020.

  4. The decision of ICMR in regard to selection of students will be final..

  5. Requests for reconsideration or asking reasons/comments for rejection will not be entertained as per STS guidelines..

  6. Stipend and certificate will be issued to the student only. However, to recognize the contribution of the Guide, his/her name will be printed on the certificate. Co-Guide’s if any, will not be recognized for the STS program.

  7. Stipend will be transferred in student’s OWN bank account (Not joint account) through RTGS/NEFT after approval of the report (around May or June, 2020).

  8. The certificates will be prepared and sent after approval of the report to the Principal’s/Dean office and students may collect the same from their office (around September or October, 2020).

  9. The students will be notified by email when the stipend and certificate is sent. Updates will also be available on ICMR website.

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Last Date 31st October 2019 (till 3:00 PM)

Helpline: 011-26589440

STS-2019 Report Attestation Form

Advertisement for ICMR-CNMC STS Excellence Award-2019 (Last Date: November 30, 2019)

ICMR Policy on Reaserch integrity and Publication Ethics 2019

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