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ONLINE Report Submission Form

    STARTS: 16th August, 2022 (10:00am)
    ENDS: 31st October, 2022 (05:00pm)

  • To access the ONLINE system, the student must login using his/her reference ID, registered e-mail address as his/her login name with the same password that was sent by automated e-mail earlier at the time of registration for STS 2022.

  • In case the student does not remember the password, he/she may use the ‘forget password’ option and password will be automatically resent to the student’s registered email account.

  • All information filled in the form should be in sentence case and should ‘NOT’ be in ALL CAPS.

  • The STS-2022 Report Submission Form consisting of Part-A, Part-B and Part-C may be filled in properly and checked before submission online. In case there is a change in title/ guide or any other information, needful information may be provided.

  • Part A: Please check/or edit (if required) the information carefully, as this will be used to prepare the e-Certificate if the report is approved.

  • Part B: If there are any changes in your research (title, aims and objectives, methodology, Guide and any other change) you can provide the details in this section. Adequate justification must also be provided for the changes/modifications needed (up to 250 words).

  • The students must attach the following three (03) MANDATORY documents, failure of enclosing any of one of the below will lead to rejection of STS 2020 report:
    1. Enclosure-I : STS-2022 Report-MANDATORYto be submitted as a PDF File only (up to 2Mb). Format of case report form/ questionnaire/ informed consent form/ other tool may be included in the report. Please note that there should be no identifying information in all these documents and report.
    2. Enclosure-II : STS-2022 Report Attestation Form (RAF)- MANDATORY duly signed and forwarded by the Guide, scanned and submitted as a PDF File (upto 1Mb). The student must take a print out of the “Report Attestation Form (RAF)” which must be duly filled in and signed by the student and the guide. This should be scanned and uploaded along with the report. Kindly note that ‘Application Attestation Form (AAF)’ and ‘Report Attestation Form (RAF)’ are different documents. Please attach ‘Report Attestation Form (RAF)’ along with the report (mandatory).
    3. Enclosure-III : Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC)/Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC)-MANDATORY certificate scanned and submitted as a PDF File (upto 1Mb) or Certificate of Exemption from ethical review issued by ethics committee.

    4. Optional

    5. If there is any other document which the student would like to submit, it can be uploaded in this section and submitted as a PDF File (upto 1Mb). (For eg. IEC approval from collaborating institution, letter from principal/ guide or any other item concerning your research.)

  • Please note that Report Attestation Form (RAF) may not be considered under the following circumstances:
    1. If Report Attestation Form (RAF) is not filled up completely/incorrect information.
    2. If form is not duly signed/ stamped by the guide.
    3. If Application Attestation form (AAF) is submitted instead of Report Attestation form (RAF).

  • Please note that without the three Enclosures stated above (6 (i) (ii) (iii)), the report cannot be submitted ONLINE. Please upload all the attachments very carefully.

  • If the student has submitted the IEC/IAEC certificate at the time of submission of STS application, it will be uploaded automatically and there is no need to resubmit it. However, the student has the option to replace and reload another certificate, if required.

  • Payment will be made online to the student’s OWN SINGLE HOLDER bank account only. Therefore a student should have own bank account (single holder) to receive the stipend if his/her report is approved by ICMR. The payment of stipend will be made by RTGS only and therefore it is essential for the student to have a bank account in his/ her name. The student should also have a cheque book as scanned copy of a cancelled cheque must be submitted to ICMR to verify account details.

  • A scanned copy of a cancelled cheque is required for verification of Account details. This cheque should not be filled up and should NOT be signed or dated. It should be cancelled so that it cannot be misused. (To view sample click here).

  • Part C: Please fill all the details for Student’s OWN Single holder bank account details and own Aadhaar Card details for payment of stipend carefully (attach copies of cancelled cheque/passbook front page and aadhaar card respectively):

    1. Bank Details:

    2. Student’s name as in the Bank Account
    3. Complete account number
    4. Type of Account
    5. Name of the Bank
    6. Name of the Bank Branch
    7. Complete address of the bank branch
    8. IFSC code
    9. MICR code
    10. Copy of cancelled cheque

  • In case of omissions, the Council will not be responsible if the stipend is credited in another account. Don’t put extra zeros in “Bank Account Number”, “IFSC” and “MICR” code of the Bank Branch.

    1. Aadhaar card details:

    2. Aadhaar Name:
    3. Aadhaar no.:
    4. Aadhaar Address:
    5. Aadhaar City:
    6. Aadhaar Pin code:
    7. Aadhaar State:

STS-2020 e-certificate        Download Here