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Preparing Short Term Studentship (STS) Proposal/Project
          Please follow the ‘STS - 2023 PROJECT FORMAT’ (PDF Format Only) given below:
  1. Reference ID                             (Generated upon registration)
  2. Title                                           (25 words max.)
  3. Introduction                               (300 words +100 words)
  4. Objectives                                 (100 words max.)
  5. Methodology                             (800 words +100 words)
  6. Implications                               (100 words + 50 words)
  7. References                                (300 words max.)

  8. The stated word limit is for guiding the students and may only exceed the limit as stated above.

Imp note:: No name/ contact details (Telephone number/ email) should be provided. The proposal would be automatically rejected if any identifying information of the student/ guide is provided in the proposal.

References ID- Please provide only the reference ID for identification on the top. Identifying information like name of the student/guide, contact details like contact numbers/email addresses should not be provided in the proposal/project for unbiased review.

Title- A good title should be short, accurate and concise. It should make the central objectives and variables of the study clear to the reviewer.

Introduction- The purpose of an introduction is to provide the rationale behind the work, so that the reviewer may understand and appreciate the objectives. Please describe the importance (significance) of the study. Defend the model- Provide a rationale and describe the reasoning that led you to selecting them. Briefly describe the experimental design and how it accomplished the stated objectives. Describe the situation and specify clearly the gaps in the existing knowledge and/or controversy and in conclusive evidence. The discussion should be supported with appropriate references.

Objectives- Should specify what kind of knowledge the study is expected to obtain. It should give a clear notion of what is to be described, determined, identified, compared or confirmed. Hypothesis may be stated and objectives should be specific, to the point and achievable.

Methodology- Describes all the procedures that will be used to achieve the objectives and justify the study design including any techniques and procedures to be used. This may include: type of study and study design, study population, sample size and selection criteria, Proposed intervention (if applicable), Data collection procedures & instruments used, quality control, confidentiality, plan of analysis/ statistical tools, ethical considerations with all required forms.

Implications- Describes what is expected to be achieved or gained from the proposed research. This could be given in terms of knowledge gained by the student or in terms of scientific advancement.

References- Provide appropriate references in Vancouver style only from recently published journals/ literature supporting the proposed research.

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