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ICMR-CNMC STS Excellence Award

Paper Presentation/ Publication
  • The student and the guide are free to present the research findings in National or International Conferences or seminars as oral or poster presentations without seeking any approval from ICMR.

  • Upon completion of STS research, the Guides must encourage the students to write research papers under their guidance for publication in ONLY in JCR indexed journals only and not in Non-indexed predatory journals (Pl. see the WAME statement in the following link:http://www.wame.org/identifying-predatory-or-pseudo-journals for detailed information) (Kindly read the Article published in RUHS Journal of Health Sciences for Predatory Journal Menace: http://www.ruhsjhs.in/files/issue/2018/V3N2/ReviewArticlePredatoryJournals.pdf) Please note: Publication of report is not done automatically by ICMR but has to be done by the student in any desired and relevant journal

  • The student in consultation with guide should identify a suitable JCR indexed journals as per Clarivate Analytics, in any National or International Journals as per topic of research and relevance of findings for publication of research results.

  • They can submit their research papers to any good JCR indexed journals only without seeking permission from ICMR.

  • Such Papers can be jointly co-authored by student and guide.
    PL. NOTE: for ICMR-CNMC STS Excellence Award, the Student has to be a First Individual/Joint first Author in the published paper for his/her STS research work done; otherwise he/she will NOT be eligible for the above mentioned Award.

  • The instructions of the identified journal must be followed to write up the article/ paper and submit to the journal for consideration.

  • In any such presentation/ publication appropriate acknowledgement should be given to STS Program of ICMR under which the research was carried out.

  • Once the paper/ abstract is published, a copy of the same must be sent to ICMR for information. Similarly if the student receives an award or honour, information should be shared with ICMR by email.

  • Publication in Non-indexed predatory journals will not be considered for the ICMR-CNMC-STS Award given every year by ICMR. Therefore Students and Guide are encouraged to publish their research work only in JCR indexed journals.

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